We have been delighted to sing by invitation at numerous events in Blewbury and further afield. From time to time, usually in the summer, we also stage our own concerts.


The video clips

show us performing at

The Tony Awards in 2013,

The Tony Music Awards in 2016, in our Summer Concert during 2017 and at St. Michael's Church before Christmas 2018

Come and see us at our next performance

 Saturday 26th November


St. Michael's Church



May 2011 A SONG FOR EUROPE Blewbury Village Hall

June 2011 BLEWBURY FESTIVAL FINALE St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

December 2011 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

May 2012 GO GOSPEL Blewbury Village Hall

December 2012 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

May 2013 THE TONY AWARDS Blewbury Village Hall

June 2013 BLEWBURY FESTIVAL FINALE St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

September 2013 BLEWFEST Blewbury C.E. Primary School

December 2013 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

June 2014 SUMMER CONCERT feat. OLLIE BENT Blewbury Village Hall

September 2014 BLEWFEST Blewbury C.E. Primary School

December 2014 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

June 2015 SUMMER CONCERT with BLEWBURY BRASS BAND St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

September 2015 BLEWFEST Blewbury C.E. Primary School

December 2015 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

April 2017  NEIL WEBSTER MUSIC TRUST Event Church of Saint George the Martyr, Newbury 

June 2017 SUMMER CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

April 2019 SPRING CONCERT with BLEWBURY BRASS BAND Blewbury Village Hall

December 2019 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

June 2016  THE TONY MUSIC AWARDS Blewbury Village Hall

September 2016 BLEWFEST Blewbury C.E. Primary School

December 2016 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

September 2017 BLEWFEST Blewbury C.E. Primary School

December 2017 CHRISTMAS MARKET Milton Park, Didcot

December 2017 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury

October 2018 AUTUMN CONCERT with THE CHURCH CHOIR St. George the Martyr, Newbury

December 2018 BLEWBURY CAROL CONCERT St. Michael's Church, Blewbury